Switching To Energy Saving Bulbs

//Switching To Energy Saving Bulbs

Switching To Energy Saving Bulbs

The Right Bulb for You!

picture of light bulbsWhether it’s a CFL or an LED energy efficient light bulbs will use 30-80% less energy each year.

The newer bulbs have come a long way since 2012’s lighting standards were put in place.  Now you can choose with colors and levels of light you need for each room of your home.  The bulbs also last so much longer than the traditional bulbs that you don’t need to replace them as much.

Initially the energy efficient bulbs may cost a bit more than the standard bulbs, but you will save money considering the life of the bulb.

According to energy.gov replacing your most frequently used lights with ENERGY STAR bulbs will save you $75 a year.

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